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Check Point Research Shows Lagging Security, Rising Threats … Are You Protected?

The newly released “Check Point 2016 Security Report and Exploits at the Endpoint: SANS 2016 Threat Landscape Study” highlights the rise of phishing attacks, email threats and social engineering and underscores the importance of preparing for attacks.

Researchers analyzed global activity at more than 31,000 Check Point gateways and surveyed more than 300 IT and security professionals around the world. Some key findings:

  • Evolving malware is spreading at a 9x rate across businesses
    • Each month, nearly 12 million new variants emerge
    • Employees download malware every 4 seconds
  • Mobile device security is not on pace with new threats
    • 60% of digital media time is spent on smartphones and tablets
    • 1 in 5 employees unwittingly causes a network breach through mobile malware or malicious Wi-Fi
  • Network breaches most commonly occur at endpoints
    • Hackers leverage email in 75% of cases
    • 39% of endpoint attacks bypass network gateway firewalls
    • 85% of attacks are discovered after they infiltrate an organization

The report concludes that leaders must stay one step ahead of threats and prevent attacks before they occur.

Belston takes this exact approach to our clients’ enterprises.

We highly recommend leveraging Microsoft’s suite of products, including Microsoft O365 and Microsoft Enterprise Mobility & Security Suite (EMS). These solutions offer cutting-edge, comprehensive security measures that empower IT leaders to protect their networks.

Microsoft O365

In addition to providing the applications businesses rely on for efficiency and collaboration, O365 offers defense-in-depth with

  • Anti-malware
  • Anti-spam
  • Anti-phishing
  • Encryption

Click here to learn more about O365.

Microsoft Mobility Solutions Enterprise Mobility & Security Suite 

Microsoft offers cloud identity and access management solutions running at Internet scale and designed to secure your IT environment.

Microsoft Azure Active Directory has processed more than 1 trillion authentications. Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics helps identify persistent threats in your organization before they damage your organization.

Microsoft EMS also supports:

  • Rights management
  • Mobile application and device management
  • Reporting
  • Auditing
  • Alerting

Click here to learn more about Microsoft EMS.

Contact Belston to discuss your organization’s specific security concerns.

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