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Choosing the Right MSP: TechAisle’s 9 Considerations

We recently got our hands on a Tech Aisle report that revealed some great managed services stats and information. (Coincidentally, Belston just made managed services more affordable and accessible than ever for small businesses with our Five&Ten pricing model.)


Our key takeaways? SMBs realize significant benefits from managed services — not just as a bottom-line booster, but as a catalyst for strong business growth — but they must choose the right provider.


Businesses with 20 – 499 employees realize the greatest value from Managed Services.
Once a company approaches 500 employees, they typically bring IT in-house in order to initiate process changes.


We’ve watched first-hand as our clients who’ve switched to a managed services IT model achieve greater peace of mind. Belston’s managed services are customized for each customer’s unique business needs to deliver cost efficiencies, innovation, close collaboration and predictability.


Since selecting the right IT partner takes time and thoughtful consideration, we’ve taken notes on TechAisle’s matrix below.


TechAisle’s Top 9 Considerations for Choosing the Right MSP:

  1. Yes. Customer service is everything, when it comes to managed IT services. In fact, in our proposals and contracts, Belston outlines exactly what kind of response time our customers can expect for major issues. Then we honor it, relentlessly.
  2. Very true. Many MSPs take a one-size fits all approach to managed services, with lengthy contracts and hefty infrastructure upgrades to ensure that a business fits into their programs and processes. However, small businesses require agility and flexibility to succeed, both in terms of technologies that can scale up and down to meet changing business needs, and in terms of scope.
  3. True. When vetting MSPs, look for leadership teams with decades of experience delivering managed services to small and large enterprises. Meet the engineering resources who will assist with your account, either by phone or in person, and don’t hesitate to ask them specific questions. Finally, ask for customer references.
  4. Absolutely. Belston’s motto is “Easy as 1, 2, IT” for a reason. Small businesses should not have to become IT experts to leverage managed services. Having a dedicated team to keep IT on track and under control is essential for small businesses who want to maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace and grow their business.
  5. Yes – pricing transparency is critical for small businesses. Many of our clients opt for our unique Five&Ten plan: remote monitoring and management comes free with the $5 per laptop/$10 per desktop model; then we tackle special projects and issues on a time and materials basis to ensure our clients understand exactly what they’re paying for, every step of the way. Paying for service on a just-in-case basis cannot work for small businesses.
  6. Definitely. Local IT resources are particularly important for small businesses. Ask your MSP how and when they will address on-site support. The closer, the better.
  7. Managed Services should represent strong business value. By matching the right technologies and resources with your business, an MSP should help you strengthen your bottom line while helping to grow your core business. Expert, external IT resources should represent significant savings over costly internal IT personnel.
  8. Unfortunately, a prior relationship is not always advantageous. Belston has acquired many new clients on the basis that their existing or previous MSP could not meet their business needs. An MSP should establish a strong partnership with its clients, which does pave the way for greater collaboration. However, MSPs that over-price and under-deliver will eventually lose customers.
  9. True. An MSP that stands behind their quality of service and expertise will offer new clients a chance to test drive the program before they sign on.

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Source: TechAisle

TechAisle is a data-driven Global SMB and Channel Partner Market Research Organization, founded on the premise that Go-to-Market strategies require insightful research, flexible data, and deeper analysis. Techaisle conducts surveys with SMBs and channels to understand market trends, opportunities, buying behavior, purchase intent, and IT priorities. In addition to covering emerging technologies such as SMB cloud computing, managed services, mobility, social media usage, virtualization, business intelligence, big data, collaboration, networking its channel research coverage provides in-depth understanding of resellers and channel partners globally. Techaisle’s insights are built on a strong data-driven foundation and its analysts are conversant with both primary research and industry knowledge.

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