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Cloud Readiness Assessment (CRA)

Belston Technologies’ Cloud Readiness Workshop allows your organization to:

  • Capture your current “as is” state
  • Define your desired “to be” state/Refined your vision for cloud
  • Create a high-level roadmap with a clear execution plan

During the workshop, we work with you to review your operations across four critical dimensions of cloud computing:

Business Alignment




Workshop Goals

  1. Evaluate your organization’s level of cloud readiness across four cloud readiness dimensions and twelve cloud readiness attributes.
  2. Identify gaps between your business’ current state and desired state with respect to cloud readiness.
  3. Select the best applications for a move to cloud and build a phased plan for applications targeted for cloud migration.
  4. Develop a high-level 24-month cloud roadmap to close all cloud readiness gaps and prepare for the initial workload migration.

Scope of Services

The workshop’s deliverables include an executive presentation and written report that identify:

  • Key findings and recommendations for each dimension and associated attributes
  • Charts depicting cloud readiness at a dimension and attribute level
  • Tables describing cloud readiness levels for each attribute
  • A high-level roadmap that identifies key activities for the next 12-24 months

Timeframe: Up to 4 hours

Intended for:

  • C-levels, Line of Business Owners, C/VP level technology leaders
  • Enterprises with 25 – 500 employees

Workshop format: Up to 10 attendees

CRA Workshop Now Available

Belston Technologies’ Cloud Readiness Workshop allows your organization to capture your current state, plan your new one and create a clear execution plan.

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