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Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure Services provided by Belston TechnologiesCloud Backup and Disaster Recovery

With IT systems at the core of any organization, disaster recovery is vital. Even with a solid disaster recovery plan in place, successful implementation can hit a roadblock due to lack of proper testing. Plus, it can be prohibitively expensive.

For small and medium enterprises, paying for an always-available disaster recovery environment doesn’t make strategic sense. Cloud technologies affords the peace of mind you need, while allowing you to pay only for the services you use, in the unlikely event you actually use them.

Belston Technologies can implement Cloud backup and disaster recovery programs that leverages Azure Vault and Azure Site Recovery to get you up and running quickly and affordably.

Cloud Storage

Storage needs continue to grow exponentially, presenting a significant challenge to organizations. Small and medium enterprises often struggle to keep up with the rapid production of new data, ensure necessary access to historical data and meet data archiving requirements. Cloud storage solutions offer cost-effective storage, without sacrificing performance, by storing frequently accessed data on premises, with historic data automatically archived and backed-up to the cloud.

If storage is a challenge for your organization, Belston Technologies can help.

Cloud technologies give you peace of mind

Whether you need cloud backup and disaster recovery or just cloud storage, Microsoft Azure is the solution.

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