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Managed Services

Support Services Optimized for Small and Medium Businesses

Whether your business requires an outsourced technology innovation department or just an augmentation to your internal technology team, Belston Technologies can help. Our expertise in technology Infrastructure & Operations (I&O) combined with our local engineering resources, Customer Management Operations Center (CMOC) and proactive monitoring & management platform allows us to deliver technology support services that perfectly fit your business.

Belston offers remote monitoring, on-demand engineering support and comprehensive, end-to-end management of your complete technology infrastructure — across on-premises, private Cloud and public Cloud — including centralized monitoring, pro-active maintenance and patching, and incident management.

Technology Support Services

Choose your type of coverage. We’ll optimize it for your business.

Remote Monitoring + On-Demand Support Services


Proactive server, storage and network health monitoring, plus trend analysis, combined with on-demand engineering support provides cost-effective, business-class support services. Service includes remote monitoring, service desk (automated workflows & intelligent alerting engines) plus remote and on-site technical support.

Cloud Monitoring & Management


Proactive cloud server and storage operations and performance management, including patching, Anti-virus, trend analysis, combined with on-demand engineering support provides cost-effective, business-class support services. Service includes remote monitoring and/or management plus service desk (automated workflows & intelligent alerting engines).

Comprehensive Outsourced Technology Services


Proactive monitoring, management, and issue resolution of your I.T. assets, including Cloud Servers & Storage and unlimited on-site support. We are your organization’s technology innovation department and support all technology assets, end-to-end.

Service Desk

Our technicians and engineers are available to tackle every technical challenge. We own resolution to each challenge and provide business-class customer service. Clients submit support requests to our service desk via a dedicated portal, live chat, phone, email, or from their system tray. Ticket status can be tracked via the dedicated portal. We assign technicians automatically, ensure promptness by mapping appropriate SLAs, and associate pre-defined tasks to service requests for multiple technicians to work on your issue.

Remote Control

Our service desk technicians and engineers can establish a remote connection to your desktops in order to troubleshoot and make specific configurations and changes.

Incident Management

By assigning tickets to technicians using round robin or load balancing methods (based on technician availability), we ensure that the right resources work on your issue quickly and efficiently.

Problem Management

Our technicians and engineers get to the root of the problem, meticulously record the results of our analysis, schedule associated tasks, and pave the way for efficient problem closure.

Change Management

With Belston Managed Services, you can implement necessary system changes quickly to minimize risk and maximize success. We make change management efficient and easier than ever.

Remote Management Services

Our CMOC team proactively and comprehensively manages your technology infrastructure to ensure availability and security. You have peace of mind and confidence knowing that technology is a reliable, effective advantage for your business.

Automated Patch Management

We support both Microsoft and Non-Microsoft Applications. Belston can deploy Service Packs to OS and Applications, and support Anti-Virus definition updates for Microsoft Forefront Client Security Software.

Asset Management

We provide comprehensive reports on hardware, software inventory and license compliance that capture details on linked workstations, manufacturer, number of purchases vs installations, and software usage. We classify and categorize software for efficient tracking and management, and provide a complete history of when and where software was installed/uninstalled.

Configuration & Power Management

Belston provides templates for the most commonly used desktop and laptop configurations as well as the status of the deployed configurations on individual computers. Our power management allows clients to save energy consumption by disabling screen savers, switching off the monitor/hard disk after a period of inactivity, and shutting down computers during non-office hours.

USB Device Management

Growing usage of portable devices poses the threat of data theft and the possibility of viruses and Spyware. Belston’s secure USB service allows you to control the USB device usage selectively based on various roles and departments. Restrictions can be set at the computer and user levels, providing more effective security.

Mobile Device & Application Management

Enterprises have to scrutinize the devices — whether corporate owned or personal BYOD — that enter the workplace infrastructure. Belston’s mobile device management service configures and secures mobile devices from a central location. Our comprehensive service includes: Device enrollment, Profile management, Asset management, Application management, Security management, and Audit reports.

Mobile Device Management


We provide enrollment and profile management by configuring policy settings to access enterprise resources. Additionally, we provide asset management reports with complete device information – including certificates and installed apps. Lastly, we provide security management – including password policies plus remote lock/wipe for data protection – and audit reporting.

Mobile Application Management


Belston MAM supports over the air (OTA) application management to groups/devices, automatically collects app information from the App Store, and maintains a repository of all apps used in the network. Clients can view a list of apps and their installation count on mobile devices, plus manage and distribute in-house and App Store apps.

Belston offers remote monitoring

We also offer on-demand engineering support and comprehensive, end-to-end management of your complete technology infrastructure.

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