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Belston Technologies provides services for our non-profit clients’ that leverage the power of technology to transform their impact.Join Microsoft and Belston for our Fall 2016 Tech Boost “Lunch & Learn” Series for Nonprofits. Click here to learn more. Belston Technologies is passionate about helping non-profits use the power of technology to transform their unique impact. By leveraging our expertise in Cloud, Mobility, Business Intelligence, Social Business and IT Operations, Belston supports non-profits in their drive to sustainable, incremental growth and high-impact future outcomes. Some of the benefits Belston delivers to non-profits are:

  • Operational efficiencies to make operating dollars do more
  • Harnessing the power of collaboration to leverage your workforce and volunteers
  • Improved communications between employees, volunteers, donors, and clients
  • More effective fundraising and donor engagement through Social Business
  • Data analytics to drive informed growth and impact
  • Expertise in and resale of Microsoft non-profit pricing programs

We are inspired by our non-profit clients’ missions. In an effort to support their meaningful efforts, we have created unique services donations that enable Belston to participate with our non-profit clients in doing good.

We provide services that increase our non-profit clients’ success by leveraging the power of technology to transform their impact. By guiding our clients’ to invest in the right technology today, we can help them to drive future outcomes and build sustainability.

Providing Non-Profits with sustainable growth

Belston Technologies helps non-profits use the power of technology to transform their unique impact.

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